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R4C Community

The R4C community is a group of like-minded learners and educators committed to creating a school that is open and welcoming.


We believe, that everybody should be a learner and an educator at the same time. We value the ideas and experience of students. In an open school, students are equally important to other stakeholders, their voices are heard and their opinion is respected and taken into consideration. Students can be agents of change helping to create a school where they feel happy and enjoy the learning. An open school fosters and embraces the creativity of children, enabling them to explore the world and connect to their environment and community.


Teachers are committed in educating the future generations. We encourage them, to not stick to conventional methods, but use their creativity and open up the classroom to parents and the community. Teachers should be not only educators but learners as well, building of the knowledge of their peers, students, community members, exploiting the gifts of technology to create an inspiring learning environment, where curiosity is embraced and pupils have a chance to connect with real-world examples.

School Heads

School heads are vital actors of change in schools, their commitment will inspire other stakeholders. Cooperation with the students, the teaching body, the parents and the community will ensure a

Changing the whole approach, and becoming an open school is not easy, but the R4C tools are here to help.


Those students, whose parents are more engaged in their learning have higher academic achievements. In an open school parents are considered as partners, and their role as primary educators of children is acknowledged and respected. Parents can actively contribute to creating a school where everybody is welcome and learning is celebrated.